NEVADA Food Stamps List

The following list below shows foods that are eligible and non eligible that you can buy with your NEVADA food stamps. The SNAP program provides a food list overview that can be purchased with your food stamps in NEVADA. If there are any issues or questions about the food stamp program in NEVADA then you can contact the SNAP department in your state. If you want to find your food stamps balance online because you have food stamps in NEVADA then check the following link. NEVADA Food Stamp Balance

Eligible Foods You Can Buy With A Food Stamps In NEVADA

  • - Meats, poultry and fish
  • - Cereals & Breads
  • - Fruits and vegetables
  • - Plants or seeds that produce food to eat
  • - Dairy products
Non Eligible EBT Benefits Household Food items:
  • - Vitamins and medicines
  • - Cigarettes or tobacco
  • - Beer, wine, liquor
  • - Food that will be eaten in the store
  • - Hot foods
  • - Non foods like:
    • - Soaps and paper products
    • - Pet foods
    • - Household supplies
Additional NEVADA Food Stamp List
  • - Seafood, steak, and bakery cakes are also food items and are therefore eligible items
  • - Energy drinks that have a nutrition facts label are eligible foods
  • - Soft drinks, candy, cookies, snack crackers, ice cream are food items and are eligible items
  • - Energy drinks with supplement label are classified by the FDA as supplements are not eligible
  • - Live animals may not be purchased with SNAP benefits